Roundup Custom Herbicide


Roundup Custom™ herbicide and glyphosate have low acute toxicity to aquatic organisms, as shown below. However, the EPA has determined that the toxicity and exposure is sufficiently low enough that there is no significant risk of unreasonable adverse effects to aquatic organisms under normal labeled use conditions.

See the chart below regarding aquatic toxicity, and how Roundup Custom™ herbicide and glyphosate rate with the EPA.

Aquatic Toxicity Data: AquaMaster Herbicide and glyphosate

Species, Test Duration LC501 (mg/L) EPA Classifiation
Roundup Custom™ Herbicidelightbluearrow
Bluegill sunfish, 96-hr LC50 >1,000 Practically nontoxic
Rainbow trout, 96-hr LC50 >1,000 Practically nontoxic
Daphnia magna, 48-hr EC50 930 Practically nontoxic
Green algae, 72-hr(growth) EC50 166 Practically nontoxic
Glyphosate(active ingredient)lightbluearrow
Sheepshead minnow, 96-hr LC50 >1,000 Practically nontoxic
Grass shrimp, 96-hr LC50 281 Practically nontoxic
Mysid shrimp, 96-hr LC50 >1,000 Practically nontoxic
Sea urchin, 96-hr LC50 >1,000 Practically nontoxic
Fiddler crab, 96-hr LC50 934 Practically nontoxic
1The EC50 is the concentration that produces effects(inhibitions of growth or immobilization) in 50% of the test organisms.