Roundup PROMAX® Herbicide

Product Overview

Roundup PROMAX® herbicide is the next generation in the evolution of high performing Roundup® IT&O Products for the green industry.

  • More Concentrated

    Roundup PROMAX® is a new potassium salt formulation. One gallon of Roundup PROMAX® contains the glyphosate acid equivalent of 6 quarts of the older 41% IPA-salt formulations.

  • Consistent, Professional Performance

    Roundup PROMAX® controls a broad-spectrum of broadleaf weeds, grasses vines and brush.

  • 30-Minute Rainfast Warranty

    The unique surfactant system of Roundup PROMAX® allows the solution to penetrate weed leaf surfaces faster, which means Roundup PROMAX® is rainfast in half the time of its predecessor, Roundup PRO®.

How To Renovate Cool-Season Turf With Roundup PROMAX® herbicide

  1. Make a broadcast application of 3.0 quarts per acre of Roundup PROMAX® herbicide to actively growing cool-season turfgrass in late summer. Mix 2 oz of Roundup PROMAX® herbicide per gal water for handgun or spot treatment applications. No additional surfactant needed or recommended.
  2. Wait 7 to 14 days for maximum control of old turfgrasses and weeds.
  3. Good seed-soil contact is critical for success. Mow, rake, verticut, core aerate, slit seed or lightly till the area to expose and loosen the soil surface and ensure good seed-soil contact.
  4. Use high quality, weed-free, certified cool-season turfgrass seed at recommended rate per 1000 sq ft to reseed.
  5. Adequate water must be available from seeding through completion of germination. Enough rain or irrigation to keep a constantly moist, not muddy seed bed 1 to 2 weeks. Short, frequent watering is best.
  6. Follow on-line university extension recommendations for cool-season turfgrass cultural, fertility, soil pH and weed control practices to maintain the newly renovated turf.

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