Roundup PROMAX® Herbicide


What customers are saying about Roundup PROMAX® herbicide:

"Roundup PROMAX® gave me consistency across a variety weeds, including yellow nutsedge. It seemed to work faster and the smaller container takes up less space in my truck, which is a plus."

Willis Neal

Miracle Lawn | Somerset, KY

"Roundup PROMAX® did a much better job than the old products. It was faster with a much better overall consistent control, especially on grasses and turf. At first I was skeptical about only using 2 oz/gallon, but it definitely works. I would definitely recommend it because I could use less product and got faster control."

Phil Moll

Edina Seasonal Services | Edina, MN

"I got very good, consistent control with Roundup PROMAX®. It totally eradicated the bermudagrass. It was apparent that Roundup PROMAX quickly and easily translocated throughout the weeds and grasses I sprayed. Because it is more concentrated and is effective, I would recommend it—it's a product that works."

Stuart Hammack

General Manager Lawnco | Louisville, KY

"The end results of Roundup PROMAX® were impressive, especially on the tough weeds like poison ivy and brush species. It gave me a high level of control across all the species sprayed. I would recommend this over the competitor because two gallons of Roundup PROMAX® treats the same area as three gallons of a competitor product."

Mike Mason

The LawnPRO | Louisville, KY

"Shortly after applying Roundup PROMAX®, we knew the death of the weeds was imminent. Once we sprayed, it was obvious that there was no need for a second application—once it was on the weeds, they were as good as dead."

Jason D. Quaries

Brookfield Country Club | Roswell, GA

"I saw results in less than a week. Roundup PROMAX® gave me excellent control of Thistles. It provided a faster kill and really good overall control on a wide array of weeds. The fact that you can use less product is a key benefit. It's a great product."

Jason Kustritz

Somerset Country Club | Mendota Heights, MN